Can you come over...

Can you come over
And have a cold bath with me?
Well, this would be impossible, 
The bathtub's too small.
So, maybe you could come over, anyway,
And make love to me?
And then maybe we could talk,
Yes, maybe talk a little bit more
About you, 
Your life, and my life.
And books.
And then we could kiss.
I want to know more than what I know now:
That you have dimples when you're smiling.
That you like to sleep with your arms up.
That you don't want to plan anything
For the time being.
That you talk to yourself and that
You talk rubbish sometimes.
That you have gorgeous feet
And hands.
And that you like painfully beautiful and romantic music.
And that you grab asses when you're drunk.
And that you are leaving soon.
Could you come over just once?


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