This has nothing to do with the rest

I love the feeling of falling in love with a song, with somebody's voice, with an explosion of emotions when I listen to the song. I love it when I start singing the song the second I wake up. I'm still half asleep when I get out of bed so the sounds are not clear at first .But by the time I get to the bathroom, the song comes out of my mouth naturally. I can't help singing it on the tube or a bus. And humming it just won't do. It has to be proper singing. And I wonder how long it's gonna take before I'm over it. And I always am over it after some time. But this urge to listen to it over and over again is like being thirsty and hungry and you are desperate for a Coke. And you know you will start burping and you'll have enough of it after a few sips. But the sugar needs to get to every single cell in your body for you to say ok I've had enough of it.


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