I feel like kissing someone tonight

I wanted to have some Maciej Dakowicz kiss photos here today which I think are one of the most cheeseless, unsentimental, but striking, moving, and inspiring images of people kissing, especially the ones taken at The Glamorgan County Council Staff Club, Cardiff (check out flickr.com/maciejdakowicz). Drunk, lonely, desparate, random, one night stand kisses. I love the series (I don't think the kiss set exists in his collections anymore). Then I googled love photography and came across Francesca Tallone.

All the images taken from Francesca Tallone's website: www.patternclash.com

What has love got to do with her photography? Old ghosts disappear, or they come up really close, they remind me of their existence in some hidden corner of my heart. When I am in love, I feel like I am a star in some film, the vision of the world around me blurs, the feeling makes everything look paler than it really is. I get undressed and I am feeling, not thinking. I do irrational things, I don't see others around. Maybe there's no one around. I want to get as much as possible before it is over, before the feeling is not there anymore, before I remember to eat sweets, before I remember I'm addicted to them. There's this moment of total infatuation and i like the physical effect it has on me, on my mood, on my mind, my body, my skin, on the energy i feel in me. Or the energy you can feel around me. 

A bonus for my loyal readers, which is myself:

A cat with a third eye. My mum would absolutely love it.
taken from www.arianespanier.com/fukt7/index.html


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