It is all about love

She hates being photographed. She feels more awkward in her body than most people I know. She's never been happy in it or about it. She has always thought she looked fat so it's always been excruciatingly painful for her to buy clothes, expose her body or be observed in any way. Yet I was so adamant about taking pictures of my mum that she agreed to pose in the end. 
We went to her garden that she has been cultivating for years now. I saw a different person in that space. I felt this was about the only space she felt comfortable in. Her organic garden, taken care of with so much love and care allowed her to stand in front of the camera and look straight into it. 
I feel this plot of land she treasures so much makes her feel more at ease with herself and her body. Her bended back, dirty nails, leg and arm muscles that feel painful after a whole Saturday spent gardening make her feel alive. And happy, I hope. 


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