Does anyone live there?

At the top of the main Tate Modern Building it says: Art changes we change. 

So true. When Tate Modern first opened in 2000, the first thing I did when I arrived in London for the summer holiday was I left my rucksack at the Blackfriars Station and literally ran to the gallery to see all the wonderful modern art. 

16 years later I can't exactly say that I couldn't be less bothered to see art. But the focus has totally changed. Yesterday Kas and I went to visit the Switch House, the newly opened Tate Modern building which is absolutely impressive. And the view from the terrace on the 10th floor is such a treat for the eye! Yes, the view is absolutely breathtaking, the Switch House is a place I am going to go back to whenever I get the chance.  But it was the time with Kas that mattered more to me than anything else. The simple fact of spending time with my friend, no rushing, no agenda, no 'we definitely have to do this' made my day yesterday.

Thanks, babe. It was great celebrating the 13th anniversary of our backpacking trip to London! ;)


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