From Holloway to the Barbican

One day last summer. That was such a good day, Girls. First had a coffee and a chat with you, Amy. And I don't think I have seen you since then. I can't seem to get enough of talking to you.  I see you so rarely and when I do there's always so much to talk about, so many inspirations, so many names pop up. That's like the best food for my hungry brain.

Then a long walk all the way to the City which, again, surprised me with new sights, new angles, new places I'd never seen before. And I scouted for locations for my future shoots with couples who are into urban elopements... Yes, if you are reading this and want an elopement shoot in London, let me know! I am more in love with the city now than I used to be when I lived there. And I am sure we will have fun having an urban elopement shoot.

And then the Barbican and Anohni with Kas. A few beers outside while we were waiting. A very powerful performance. We were quite speechless afterwards. So many cool moments. So many ahead of us.



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