I wanted to see the bridge but fell asleep on the way

I really wanted to see that bridge. Ever since I started watching Broen, one of the best TV series I'd ever watched. I absolutely loved everything about it: the limited yet very coherent range of colours, the gloominess of both Copenhagen and Malmo, the lack of the sun... even though it can all drive me nuts in real life at times. Apart from the fantastic plot in the series, it was mostly the photography that made me go to Copenhagen. And a friend who I hadn't seen for ages too.

I stayed with Marie-Louise, who I used to share a flat with in London, and her boyfriend. And it was just so awesome to spend time with her outside our Hungerford Road flat for the first time. It felt as if we'd just moved out and yet so many things had happened in the meantime. Hyyge runs in their blood. They even prepared a Christmas dinner for me. Three months ahead of Christmas. We went to Louisiana Museum and we took the picturesque route back home. Just because Marie-Louise had borrowed the car from her mum who was going to Justin Bieber's gig. 

I did manage to see the bridge after all. I even went to a Nordic Noir guided tour with a guide who was so passionate about everything related to Nordic Noir that she made me love the city and the series even more. 

Skam and Oslo is next. I have fallen for Skam already. Oslo, do something to make me like you more. 



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