Eddie was a rebel

I'm interested in progress, evolution. I want to see how photographers change over time and how their perception changes.

Weston's images of still lifes and landscapes are beautiful but I was simply looking for faces, or rather people, in his photographs, I wanted to see people he encountered. Among many, I found 3 images I loved. 
The first one - imperfect, blurred, simple. 
The image with the hairy-legged character - I love its randomness. Weston said: 'I see no reason for recording the obvious.' This explains a lot. 
The one of Nahui Olin (the last one) - I find the woman beautifully sad, or/and arrogant. I love her almost transparent eyes, unkempt hair and make-up. Simple, super simple, super beautiful. 

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  1. The hair-legged character seems to be Charis, his companion for many years. I saw a documentary about Weston and his life on Planete the other day and Charis Wilson was saying how strong the connection had been between them in the first years of their relationship. They drove around America in the 30s, they lived on very little, they had a car, photographic gear and a typewriter. And some dried foods to live on. He photographed America and she wrote a travel journal to go with the photos. She wrote beautifully. She knew she had an impact on his art, on what he created. They created images together.
    I was simply fascinated by this bond between Eddie and Charis.


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