He only comes back for the weekend

I went to see friends I hadn't seen for a while. A long weekend of sharing stories, remembering moments and creating new ones. Claudia took me to one of the most beautiful cafes I have been to in my life. We wondered if the bartender was eavesdropping on our chat. And then she danced to some crazy South African music and I filmed her. She absolutely loves dancing. And the next day I went to the north with a Muslim-Christian couple who showed me the library they had met at. I saw Renia and we talked and talked and talked. And we sipped Secco and ate and talked some more. And she read stories to her daughter. It was a good weekend.


  1. Love this style... Do you just point and take with little composition and see what comes out?

    1. Hi there! Thanks! Free lensing at the moment so it takes forever to see anything in the first place :)


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