Not an ordinary fad

I go through phases, fads. At times it takes a whole season of eating the same breakfast day in day out before I realize I'm done with porridge with butter-fried banana. And then it's chia seeds. It still is chia seeds. Not sure how long this one's going to last. It still tastes so good that it is just about the only thing that gets me out of bed. 
Same with photography. The other day Claudia and I were sitting by a fountain and we were watching a little dude getting excited by the water in it. Water. He couldn't contain his joy. And I just asked myself when people actually start managing to contain their excitement. I, for example, have just discovered black and white. I mean I have always known there is black and white, but now I just can't help not using it, overusing it. And grain too. Grain everywhere. Not sure if black and white is in, or if high levels of grain are alright. To me, they just look perfect. Let the joy last!


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