Holloway to the City

I didn't use to take long walks when I lived in London. I either cycled or ran somewhere. So every time I go back, walking down the streets I am so familiar with and watching them from a pedestrian's perspective feels like being in a different city altogether.
I love the crowded streets of London. I know. I now live literally in the middle of nowhere, with no houses around, no sound pollution whatsoever and nothing to disturb the soothing monotony of the views I'm blessed to enjoy on an everyday basis. And so I miss what I haven't got. I miss going past countless faces, not being able to recognize any of them. I miss the sounds the city produces, its sometimes unbearable hum. The chaos. I miss the variety. 
I saw hundreds of people on my way to the City but didn't make any eye contact with anyone, say hello to anyone or smile at anyone. I saw people rushing from their offices to get some lunch, have a cigarette while on the phone, walking with their mobile in their hands, texting someone, checking fb, reading the news, working on their mobile at lunchtime, rushing back to work, listening to music, killing time, making sure they avoid an awkward moment of not being or looking busy. 
Yet I love the city. I want to walk more, inhale and almost touch all the things I don't get to see nowadays.


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