I hadn't slept for a week

I hadn't been able to sleep for a week before the big day. And it wasn't even my wedding. But I really wanted to do a good job, something I would be happy to share with others, and something my clients would be happy looking at and going back to over and over again. 

And it just turned out to be a perfect first-time, out-of-my-comfort-zone wedding photographer experience. Emma and Cristian were slightly nervous, which goes without saying. Yet, they managed to fully enjoy their wedding day with their closest family and friends in a most picturesque setting, Harry Warren House in Dorset.  

The weather was just perfect, no direct sunlight as the sky was completely overcast most of the time, verging on a drizzle minutes before the bride's arrival. The ceremony took place outside with all the guests enjoying a stunning view over Studland Bay and Bournemouth. 

It was such a cool cultural experience for me too as I had never been to a proper English wedding before. Not as a photographer at least. And the job was so much easier. For example, the fact that Emma's brother was the Master of Ceremonies (a role you don't normally have at Polish weddings) helped me immensely. Knowing who's who, what was going to happen next or arranging the guests into groups for group shoots was a piece of cake thanks to Chris's help. 

And it felt good to be there. I chatted to many of Emma and Cristian's guests, managed to very quickly have the scrumptious food served by Red Herring and dance to the rhythms played by The Hot Shoes Swing Band. Speaking of which, the wedding actually started feeling like an international event when Cristian's Romanian friends and family hit the dance floor! And they know how to group dance! 

And none of this would have happened if it hadn't been for all the wonderful people I met at Snap Photo Festival last April, the inspirational talks they delivered, all the chats I had with people about creativity, being out of your comfort zone and trying new things out. And of course, Kasia, who recommended me to Emma. So yes, this is my new resolution: I want to try out things I've always been scared of trying out! 


The Bride's dress (Elsa) - Berketex
The venue - Harry Warren House
Catering - Red Herring 
The Band - Hot Shoes
Car Rental - Superwed Bridal Cars


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